The DOC develops visitor registration app in 2 weeks

Picture your front desk or reception processes. Are your visitors and employees registered on a traditional attendance board and handwritten A4 sheets? The DOC decided it was about time to automate this process for their office building. Within 2 weeks a visitor registration app was built with no-code development platform WEM. 

Business processes like the aformentioned are often not tackled by organizations. Mainly because of well-known time and budget constraints. But what happens in case of a fire? How would one know who was able to leave the building safely? And, more importantly: have people not yet been brought to safety?

These are questions that are of vital importance not only for the internal organization, but also for emergency services, for example. What if there’s an easy solution to automate processes like these instead of using A4 registration sheets?

A visitor registration app to automate processes
Within 2 weeks, Tom Smits, Business Consultant at the DOC, built a fully working visitor registration app with no-code development platform WEM. Both employees and visitors can use this application to indicate their presence in office buildings (See pictures below).

The back-end can be used to see who is present in the building at any time of the day. In the event of a calamity, a printout can be made of this automatically, which can then be used to make a safety report of all those present.

Pay-per-usage of your app
In addition to the considerably short development time of this application, the licensing model for the use of WEM as a development platform is an important link in the realization of business process automation projects like these.

This model is based on events; license fees are only charged after 500 events per month. To illustrate, when an application like this registration app is used 25 times a day, the monthly costs will be approximately €125.

With their visitor registration app, the DOC sees an endless number of possibilities and new perspectives to enhance business processes and deliver IT supportOverall, the entry threshold for customized software is much lower in contrast with traditional development processes.

65% apps created with development platforms
As leading research and advisory organization Gartner indicates: “By 2024, more than 65 percent of apps will be built with no-code or low-code platforms”. The DOC recognizes this growing trend of organizations demand to deliver applications rapidly without having to code all too well. As their example shows: with innovative no-code development platforms like WEM, applications can be built quickly and at a fraction of the conventional costs.

Want to automate your business processes like our WEM partner? Get in touch with The DOC. They’re happy to welcome you at their office as well. Make sure to check out their new and improved visitor registration system 😉

Read Tom Smits’ blog (in Dutch) here.

The DOC Visitor Registration App

The DOC Visitor Registration App

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