WEM introduces built-in Generative AI

Your business will create enterprise apps with ease

The WEM platform gives your business the ability to create applications that deliver business impact fast. Our platform-features empower anyone to create apps. Whether you are a business process designer, DevOps or citizen developer, with WEM you are able to transform your ideas to a new business reality.

Preview in real time without deployment

Instantly show your developed application and changes real time, eliminating the need for deployment. Simple with 1 mouse click.

1-click deployment from Development to Test & Live

Once you have developed your application, you can easily deploy it to your secure test or live environment. Continuous development, continuous improvement, continuous delivery.

Transforming ideas into business reality

Speed of development

With the WEM platform your business is able to accelarate application development by 10 times. You can view application development in real-time and deploy and update applications with a single button-click.

Superior uptime and reliability

Our no-code platform ensures superior uptime and reliability compared to the market. With We are always there, always up and always running. This way you have a platform you can count on.

Citizen developer potential

Traditional development is based on the use of different programming languages to slowly create applications. With it come risks in development-speed and development recources due to scarcity of time and people.

Enterprise grade security

Our platform is designed to accelerate no-code development and secure deployment of applications in all environments. Generated applications have default security protections against web and mobile app vulnerabilities, allowing developers to create highly secure apps.

Creation of API’s

Creating API's is now easier than ever thanks to WEM. You can take advantage of the same Visual Development Environment to create API's without programming. WEM automatically generates full featured API’s including documentation that can be used for a variety of projects.

Native ChatGPT

Create next-gen apps using the built-in native ChatGPT processing capabilities. Build apps that can respond to user requests and provide a range of services like customer service, recommendations, built-in-voice and more.

The WEM platform architecture ensures speed of development through microservices and API's

Modernize legacy

Do you require additional functionalities on top of your current (legacy) system? The easiest and most efficient way to do this is to create microservices that can add new features. Eventually, you can replace your entire legacy system with a modern, enterprise-grade system using WEM. Now you can focus on creating great applications without worrying about security and complex orchestration.

Integrate with anything

With our microservices and API-based architecture, we provide you with the flexibility to mix various technologies and integrate with 3rd parties. WEM enables you to create custom integrations tailored to your specific needs. We are built on flexibility.

Endless scalability

Scaling up is no problem with WEM. On system and service level you can scale up fast. Together with Kubernetes, you can easily manage and automate the deployment, scalability, and availability of your services, ensuring that your business remains scalable, agile and responsive.

Upendra Dharmadhikary

Upendra Dharmadhikary

Vice President, Tech Mahindra

“Working with WEM is amazing. With the projects which we have done so far for large enterprises – it is looking very attractive. The amount of time it takes us to develop new applications is reduced drastically and the customer satisfaction is very high.”

Integrate and connect with ease

Easily consume and expose data using open standards and open-source technologies, like JSON, XML, SOAP, REST, OAuth, OData and Webhooks.

Our platform enables you to easily and securely connect your applications to external systems, such as SAP, Salesforce, and payment providers, as well as live databases.

Explore integrations

Start conquering the present to drive the future

Digital leaders transforming their organization with WEM to maximize business impact.

Mobile apps

Create web apps that run on any device. Enhance digital impact even more by building your existing web apps into a native mobile app with ease.

Available on both:

More features

Powerful UI/UX​

Our process-based modelling approach makes creating apps an intuitive experience. Make use of fully customizable out-of-the-box user interface designs that make sure your product shines!

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Have multiple employees create apps together, at the same time. Define roles within your development team. Control who makes changes to projects and deploys apps.


Build applications once and publish these to different portals to easily service multiple groups of users or customers. With a custom functionality, look and feel, and secure separation of databases.


Deliver software your company can use on a world-wide scale. Create multi-lingual apps with local time-zone support and local data storage.

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Single Sign-on, OAuth and SAML

WEM offers extensive security capabilities out of the box, including authentication capabilities, role-based access controls such as Single Sign-on, OAuth and SAML integrations, secure communication through https and data encryption capabilities.

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