Hyperautomation naar nieuwe hoogtes


Harness the power of Generative AI explore and break down boundaries

Take full advantage of Artificial Intelligence integrations without a single line of code. Unleash your business’ potential and skyrocket your KPI’s using AI far beyond its ordinary chat capabilities. Make better data driven decisions, get to know your customers even better, fully optimize processes and increase margin.

Natively integrated Generative AI

With a drag and a drop WEM allows you to create the most advanced AI applications using the state of the art LLM’s and Generative AI which can immediately integrate into your existing company workflows or enhance your legacy applications with exciting new capabilities.

The future far beyond AI chat, is here

Platforms like ChatGPT have triggered our imagination. WEM allows you to create AI driven applications, APIs and processes which are much more advanced than chat. Customer retention, risk reduction, intelligent data analysis, customer spend prediction, sales team training tools and others. No code involved.

AI applications interact with your PDF’s

Imagine the endless variations in using Generative AI to create workflows. APIs and applications which chat and intelligently interact with your company data, PDF’s in no time. Customer support becomes more efficient, sales teams have a virtual coach, distributed knowledge becomes accessible not only for people but also for processes.

More features

Powerful LLM and AI models​

WEM natively integrates LLM’s allowing you to seamlessly, and without writing code, use the computing power of state of the art AI models, the result: incredible advantages for your organisation.

Legacy support

WEM allows you to build new AI applications, API and processes but also to enhance your legacy systems with AI and Generative AI capabilities. This allows you to advance through years of technical debt at high velocity with a proven ROI model.

Real-time preview

Any AI application or service built using WEM can be previewed in real-time as they are built. This allows you to make changes and adjustments on the fly. This preview capability is also useful during the application lifecycle when new versions are created and published.

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Roll out onto any cloud in minutes

Any Generative AI application created using the WEM platform can be rolled out and published in minutes onto various staging and live environments, and depending on the type of subscription, these no-code applications can be published to platforms such as AWS, Azure or on-prem.

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