No-code event management system for Alpe d'Huzes
No-code event management system for Alpe d'Huzes

An app to coordinate and manage communication

How to ensure the safety of thousands of participants during Alpe d’HuZes? During this yearly event, over 5000 people run, hike or cycle up the mountain Alpe d’Hues in France – all for a good cause. The control room registers and coordinates with local police and hospital personnel to handle emergencies during the tour. Every year Alpe d’HuZes becomes a bigger event, and the number of incident reports increases with it. Last year, the control room had to manage 900 reports a day. In fact, to guarantee the safety of 5000+ people, a well-functioning system is essential. That’s why Alpe d’HuZes’ volunteers developed its event management software with no-code platform WEM.

From Excel and paperwork to an efficient data-driven system

Business process automation was high on the list of priorities for the Alpe d’HuZes organization. In the past, volunteers used paper forms to look up information and data was processed in Excel. Now, the tour’s event management software includes all kinds of functionalities. For example, the application enables the control room to analyze data. Real-time monitoring of statistics makes it easy to evaluate the time and place most incidents happen and to identify who needs help. Also, status updates can be logged, for example when a task is completed, by whom and how.

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Development and deployment
within 3 months

The biggest part of the work is thinking about and discussing functionalities to enhance the application. Developing it was done quickly”. As a result of no-code development, this event management software was built within three months. A speed which astonished Freddy van Geel, volunteer at Alpe d’HuZes. Particularly considering WEM CEO Rob Schilperoort and Freddy developed this system during their free time. I’m not a professional developer – that’s why it was even more unique that I developed it myselfNot by coding but by modelling visual flowcharts. “Visual development makes it easy to adjust as you go. You see your app being built in real-time”.

We can now analyze our statistics […] For example, at what time or which location most incidents happen

By keeping track of last year’s data in the app, safety measures in preparation for next year’s event can be taken care of in advance. That’s how team Alpe D’HuZes achieved digital transformation, increased service quality and improved service delivery.

René van Stoltz
Volunteer, Alpe D’HuZes

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