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Top-notch application and infrastructure security

The security provided by WEM means that your infrastructure- and application security are taken care of. A secure runtime environment and tools for secure development are provided by WEM.

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Build your applications in a fast and secure way, with the WEM platform

Complient platform architecture

With WEM enterprises are able to deploy business critical-applications globally with state of the art security. With WEM you are fully complient with the highest international security requirements and standards.

Safe cloud applications

Applications built with WEM update automatically to the latest security features. Role-based access controls, Single Sign-on, 0Auth and SAML integration and secure communication through https and data encryption capabilites.

Infrastructure security

To meet your company’s security requirements we made sure infrastructure security is solid. We make sure regular penetration testing and vulnarability scanning is provided including proactive updating.

Information security

Information risks are taken very seriously at WEM. To protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of client systems and data we have implemented a information security program.

Availability and performance

WEM licenses include standard Service Level Agreement, including availability and performance guarantees, regular platform penetration tests, back-up and disaster recovery, certification (ISO27001:2013 / IEC27001:2013 / NEN7510), and business continuity.

Outpace your backlog with WEM.io

Traditional enterprise application development has always been a hassle. Forcing you to choose between speed, cost, quality, usability and support.

Application delivery

Accelerate the application development process with 90%

Application cost

Downsize the Total Cost of Software with 80% compared to traditional software development

Customer Experience

Delivering focused customer experiences across all digital touchpoints

Business process optimization

Facilitate Business to successfully integrate with IT and scale your digital ambitions

Legacy modernization

Replace, migrate or extend your organizations core systems in a secure and scalable way

Enterprise-grade security

Build core-systems with Enterprise level security standards

The WEM platform makes sure your applications are backed by state of the art security measures

Latest security features

Every upgrade of the WEM platform provides automatic security updates across all applications.

Vulnerability assesments

WEM proactively tests the platform with regards to vulnerabilities to make sure our security meets the highest standards.

Security operations

We have made sure security requirements are built into the entire Development lifecycle. From planning, to creating to deploying.

Henk Vlug

Henk Vlug

Owner, Fortrus

"Software with a clear structure and stable basis […] no-code platform WEM provides the flexibility to continue building and make adjustments easily."

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