Launching a successful SaaS business with WEM 

SaaS businesses are booming, however launching a successful SaaS product is a slow and expensive process. WEM enables our customers to launch SaaS products and businesses at incredible speed.

WEM Development Platform for saas

Software As a Service

Without Reinventing The Wheel

Secure & Scalable

WEM allows you to build SaaS products which scale as your your business grows. This makes economic sense since you are able to correlate system costs to income. WEM offers all levels of availability and deep security layers  


WEM allows your to build your SaaS platform using Microservices. You can split up the entire functionality into modules (services). Each service covers its own scope and can be updated, deployed and scaled independently 

Custom Built. Rapidly

Creating fast software doesn’t mean cutting corners. Using WEM, you can create Your SaaS product just how you and your customers want it. The incredible benefit is that even if you want to pivot, you are able to make rapid changes 

rapidly launching a saas business

Challenging The Conventional Ways Of Creating a SaaS Business

Having an amazing SaaS business idea is great. But turning an idea into a working product is a huge challenge. WEM enables you to deliver your vision faster, with less risk and with incredible agility. Time to market is shortened by up to 90% and the economical benefits are game changing. Your coding team can also use WEM in low code mode to boost their productivity and allow them to focus on specialised core technologies.


What You Get

Mobile and Desktop

Full Customization

World Class Support

3rd Party Support

Updates & Fixes

User Roles

Easy to Learn

Full KPIs

Customer Success

Hear What Some Of Our SaaS Customers Have To Say is a unique SaaS platform for managing and maintaining real estate assets. It gives managers and owners complete control over safety, maintenance and facility issues. The platform was launched using WEM as the the core development platform and is generating very significant annual recurring revenue.


“We have built NoClaims – an innovative SaaS company using WEM as the core development platform. WEM is incredibly powerful and very fast to develop with.

NoClaims is now a successful SaaS company with strongly increasing ARR. Our customer base includes large organizations like Schiphol Airport, PLUS supermarket chain, real estate of pension funds and many others who use our platform to manage thousands of buildings with strong ROI.

WEM offers us the ability to deliver complex software at amazing speed”

Henk Vlug, CEO is a highly innovative medical SaaS platform which offers healthcare institutions access to a wide variety of cutting edge AI assisted CT and MRI diagnostic algorithms. The platform uses WEM as the core development environment.


“I am a startup mentor and have helped many companies launch amazing products. When launching TestDynamics I was looking for a software development platform which would allow us to achieve the fastest time to market but without making compromises.

After a careful evalutation, we have decided to choose WEM since it is mature, used by governments and by very large organizations. It’s powerful and supports microservices and very secure integration. I also like the fact that it offers a very scalable architecture which offers my customers a very high availlability and a very high level of data security”

Lior Eshel, CEO

Fully Responsive

Build For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

Building your SaaS business using WEM gives you the peace of mind you need. WEM is mature, scalable, secure and blazingly fast. We believe in customer success and retention and our team and dedicated partner ecosystem will work with you and your team to deliver amazing results for your organization. Book a demo to find out more about how WEM can help you launch your SaaS business at a fraction of the time and cost. 

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 +31 (0)20 240 21 20       

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