Stock and order management software with no-code



Stock and order management software with no-code
Stock and order management software with no-code

Optimizing business processes with no-code

For 125 years, LTL Woodproducts has imported and exported wood all over the world. The company serves a large market of 1,400 customers. To continue their successful history and solid market position, LTL needs to continuously develop their processes. Customer research showed LTLs customers demanded stock insights and the possibility to order online. That’s why the organization decided to optimize its business processes by developing stock and order management software with no-code development platform WEM.

Integrating a no-code app with an ERP system

LTL distributes 150 different wood products that come in different sizes and are differently processed. Imagine the complexity of such a database. The company has an internal ERP system to manage products, customers, financial administration and more. The stock and order management software, built with no-code platform WEM, is integrated with LTLs existing IT landscape. This piece of software exposes real-time stock information. Customers can login, a search field and filter option enables them to easily find products, specifications and stock-amounts. With a one-click order button, the product is put into the shopping cart, and the price quote can be requested by the customer.

Stock and order management software with no-code

Time and cost-efficient
no-code development

Instead of relying on an external vendor, Bas Bouman, system and application manager at LTL Woodproducts, developed this stock and order management software with no-code platform WEM: “This is so fast and easy compared to what I’ve experienced in IT”.

Bas built the system within only 3 weeks, without needing any external help. After testing the new software among a selected customer base and processing the adaption requirements, the application went live within 4 weeks on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

This software is a solid foundation […] we have more ideas to automate our processes with no-code development

The new application is not only loved by customers, but also positively affects internal activities of the organization. Following the Netherlands, this system will be launched in the UK and other countries within Europe.

Bas Bouman
System and application manager, LTL Woodproducts

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