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A Business Management System with Deep Insights for Betonvereniging

10x More effective data insights

9 Months from development to deployment

1000 Students educated every year

An accessible portal for insightful data about education and courses.

The Betonvereniging has been committed to education and connection between professionals in concrete construction since 1927. The Betonvereniging has been offering education in the form of courses for about 60 years, now for 800 to 1000 students per year. In 2018 it was about time to digitalize existing business processes in order to make a greater impact. A business management system was developed on which students and teachers can manage data and information about their education and courses.


Without digitalization it is impossible to achieve the optimal result.

Within 9 months, EsperantoXL used WEM No-Code and delevoped a solution that is fully custom designed and equipped, with room for further development where necessary. The portal had to be user-friendly for both students and teachers, and also had to map unknown data efficiently. Matters such as name and address details, training needs, finances and teaching materials all had to be housed under the same portal.

A solid foundation with built-in possibilities to expand and grow.

The BMS is a portal in which study programs are registered and planned, and where both students and lecturers can log in to communicate about name and address details, teaching materials, study progress, etc. From this basis, links can be made with other solutions, for example using API keys. But the modular approach also makes it possible to further refine the tailor-made solution, so that the Betonvereniging can work endlessly with the current solution.

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