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Going from Static and Error Sensitive to an Extended and Flexible System

90 percent of process automated

120 employees working more efficiently

5+ variables taken into account

Moving away from manual actions into an automated workflow and system.

De Heer Land en Water is a contracting company in ground, road and hydraulic engineering mainly serving government bodies like: provinces, municipalities, water boards and nature management and recreation boards. They have a large number of employees who work for different customers and with different equipment. This not only requires secure planning, but also accurate time registration for proper remuneration and subsequent calculation. There were too many manual steps in the system to arrive at time registration from the planning.


Connecting the countless variables.

The time registration module wasn’t working according the need. There were too many variables to take into account: the project, the employee, the work area and the equipment. And, there were no systems on the market that met the requirements. The challenge was therefore to build a time registration module that took into account the many variables. The link with the existing system was difficult, so EsperantoXL used WEM No-Code to develop a tailor-made tool to synchronize data with the main KPI being: a simple to use system.


A system that serves the business processes and increases efficiency

With the new time registration module, the planning is automatically forwarded to the relevant employee. The employee can view his schedule via the app and immediately register the hours after his shift. This can be done on location and from any kind of device. Employees no longer have to go to the office. Employee data is automatically translated into the CRM system. The planning no longer needs to be exported manually once a week, but is now automatically read in every day. In addition, the system has many extensions such as toolboxes, reporting systems and the registration of the intake and issue of equipment.

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