Our WEM Modeler tutorials provide you with self-paced hands on training for most of the key features of the WEM modeler.
You need a WEM account to work with this tutorial section. If you don’t have a WEM account yet, you can create one here: Create your account.

On MyWEM you’ll find Quick Starter Projects and a link to the free online Training.
Support and Forum on MyWEM is also available to empower you.

WEM Terminology – Getting Started

Many of the tutorials require some level of familiarity with the WEM Terminology and the use of basic functions.
You can find information on the Documentation page – if you want to read about it.

Best result – optimal learning

For the best result and optimal learning in the shortest possible time we suggest that you start our Free Online Training, available from MyWEM Training Page. This training uses a few Starter Projects that you can copy to your own workspace so you can make your own changes. The Online Training also shows some steps in videos, which we also made available in one Training Showcase.
And then there are some Quick Starter Projects, which you can copy from the Get Started page on MyWEM. These Quick Starter Projects provide a good starting point and have comments and explanations in some places, to help you understand the project.

We hope you enjoy working with the WEM modeler!

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Videos and images courtesy of WEM Modeler. © 2019. WEM Modeler.
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Videos and images courtesy of WEM Modeler.
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