Powerful features to build your application


Empower business users, such as Citizen Developers, Process Designers and Business Analysts, to build, deploy and maintain scalable enterprise-level software. Through its intuitive, process-based modelling approach, WEM enables the business to be more autonomous with their IT needs.

Easy Integration

Integrate easily by point-and-click with your existing application environment. Built-in open standards and open-source technologies, like SOAP, REST and OData services, enable next level interoperability with software, such as your core CRM, ERP or external (legacy) systems, databases or custom apps.

One click deployment

Deliver and update applications with a single click on a button. The ability to deploy apps instantly, and verify your development steps in real-time, is one of many capabilities that empowers you to deliver business solutions 10 times faster than traditional programming methods.

Fast and Agile

Deliver powerful custom and scalable enterprise grade applications up to 90% faster compared to traditional methods. WEM is finally closing the gap between business and IT to fully embrace agile management and collaborative app development, allowing the business process to be leading in app development, rather than IT. Enable the translation of innovative business ideas into custom software and at the speed of your business changes.

Safety and Security

WEM has very solid security measures at all levels of our product offering: from the platform infrastructure, to the WEM runtime and the WEM applications. To meet your company’s security requirements, WEM offers extensive security capabilities out of the box, including authentication capabilities, role-based access controls, secure communication through https and data encryption capabilites. Learn more here.


The user friendliness and the low learning barrier of about two weeks for the WEM Platform, does not limit functionality to realize complex, secure and scalable enterprise-grade applications, including performance guarantees, easy integration to existing environment, role-based access controls (for example Single Sing-on, OAuth and SAML integration) and private-cloud or on-premise deployment capabilities.

Mobile Apps

Outperform user experiences with mobile apps. Create responsive mobile apps fast. Offer intuitive user input and output and offline data access and synchronisation.

Visual Development

WEM uses an intuitive, process-based modelling approach, allowing for visual workflow design and thereby enabling business users to be more autonomous with their IT needs.


World-wide usage of your software. Create multi-lingual apps with local time-zone support and local data storage

All-in-one solution

WEM is disruptive technology combined in one Platform as a Service. All applications built in WEM are by default cloud based and include hosting, maintenance, security, infrastructure, backup, service levels, storage, and disaster recovery. For more details, check out the WEM Licensing.

Real-time development

Enable and encourage real-time development to fully embrace agile management and collaborative application development. Visualise the results of your development process in real-time. Get an instant preview of your application. With one click of a button. That’s continuous improvement and agile development made simple.


WEM allows you to service different project environments by making use of multi-tenancy, for example to service different groups of users or customers. Build your project once and publish to different portals for custom look and feel, secure separation of databases and custom functionality.

Powerful UI

The user interface of your WEM applications are responsive by default, providing your users with the right app experience on any device. Use out-of-the-box user interface designs that are fully customizable to your UI design needs.


WEM offers extensive security capabilities out of the box, including authentication capabilities, role-based access controls, single sign-on, OAuth and SAML integration.


True collaborative app development with your whole team. Define roles within your development team to keep control of who can make changes to your project and who is allowed to publish your project to production.

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Videos and images courtesy of WEM Modeler.
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