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WEM Editions For Every Need

If your organisation has different needs than what is offered in the editions above, we will be happy to discuss a custom plan which would match your specific needs and goals. Feel free to contact us in this regard. 

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Our Features

All WEM Editions Include 

WEM Modeler

Rapidly build applications of any size and complexity. Automate processes, manage data, create documents and more

WEM Runtime Environment

Deploy web and mobile applications to your users. Connect to other systems and enjoy the ultimate flexibility

Application Lifecycle Management

Easily model, preview, test, publish and maintain applications  

WEM security

Both the development as well as the runtime environments have built in security by design and offer you various security related options.

WEM Widgets

Easily create great looking applications which will drive engagement and user productivity

Front and back end

WEM modeler does all the hard lifting both for front and back end. All in one system

Why Choose On-Premise or Private Cloud?

WEM provides governments, enterprises and other demanding organisations the option to deploy a private On-Premise or hosted WEM application cloud 

Built to Last

WEM Application Cloud – Private Hosted and On-Premise Solution

Various Hosted and On-premise Configurations

WEM supports various hosting providers such as Azure, AWS, Cloud VPS as well as a spectrum of network appliances which can be deployed in various formats of configuration included bare metal or virtualized. Your private cloud is designed based on your needs for applications, availability, security, persistence, redundancy, disaster recovery, networking speed and computing power.

Kubernetes Power and Reliability

WEM Kubernetes deployments are automated, can scale very easily both locally and geographically and ensure that your organisation enjoys high performance, availlablity, effeciency, security and reliablity. Your devops team can have full control of your envirnment and the application lifecycle.

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 +31 (0)20 240 21 20       

Videos and images courtesy of WEM Modeler.
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