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Innovative apps that transform businesses

Give online purchases a boost with a cloud solution customized to your specific business needs. Develop and deploy a responsive e-commerce app with advanced features in days. 

Design custom software.
Deploy world-wide.
At unbeatable speed.

From process automation, increasing efficiency, reducing total costs of ownership to driving business innovations. The WEM platform proves to be the perfect starting point for organizations all over the world to create and deliver robust and scalable business solutions at great speed.

Tech Mahindra and i1too embrace no-code platform WEM

Digital Transformation

Tech Mahindra and i1too aim to lead the way in no-code app development for large enterprises globally

Building Management

This online tool makes is easy to manage over 6.000 properties and a total of 4 million square meters with a small team of 40

World-wide Auditing

A multilingual app, built with our no-code platform, helps with food safety certification processes in over 140 countries

No-code development WEM partner

Sales and Operations

The entire sales cycle – from tender to configuration management – in one application boosts productivity by 35%

A fully integrated booking application built with no-code

Booking and Quotes

This fully integrated app, which runs behind the website, makes it easy to choose fast from numerous flight operators in Australia

VGZ delivers great customer service with this no-code app

Knowledge Sharing

Customer service reps can handle requests from 4 million customers accurate and fast due to this digital knowledge system

Health Care Scan

This application produces results for healthcare organizations, in the form of a report, of their state of compliance with regulations

Stock and order management software with no-code

Stock and Order Analysis

This fully integrated app, developed with our no-code platform, keeps track of LTLs stock and allows customers to make online orders

Developing data management software with no-code


This user-friendly data management software promotes knowledge sharing among stakeholders to improve the quality of Dutch prenatal care

7senses communication management software with no-code platform

Communication Management

With its document center, interactive world-map and forum, this tool makes supervision and engagement of international research projects easy

WEM customer Divosa


Ownership in the social sector increases by empowering professionals to register and monitor content about their work processes in this Participation Campus tool


With no-code development this app was built rapidly; showing real-time statistics makes it easy to analyze event data, manage incidents and coordinate volunteers

WEMs technology enables organizations to build functionalities on their existing applications for a fraction of the conventional cost and in a matter of days instead of weeks. I am pleased that our channel customers can now bring this empowerment to end users.

Bart van Rheenen

Managing Director, Arrow ECS Netherlands

Business process automation with no-code development

Design your first app in no-time

Our no-code development platform empowers you to get enterprise-grade apps live 10 times faster than traditional programming or coding. So you can deliver business successes faster. 

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