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Up to 10 times faster than traditional development


Easily integrated with existing systems and web services


Fully functional multi-platform web applications

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WEM Webinars: Experts covering market developments

Internet of Things, Privacy, Shadow IT, Blockchain… Having a hard time wrapping your head around these interesting topics? We’ve got you sorted! Starting in March, the latest market developments will be covered by a subject-matter expert in a WEM Webinar. Stay tuned…

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How to deal with Shadow IT in your organisation?

“Approximately 12% of employees in Europe engage in self-service data preparation using various spreadsheet software” (IDC Survey commissioned by Alteryx, Nov. 2017). These unauthorized services increase risks of data breaches and financial liabilities. “Most organizations underestimate the number of shadow IT applications in use”, WEM Expert Vincent Martini argues. “No code Platform WEM is a win-win for both IT and business users”.

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Serverless computing: How to make it work for you

Serverless computing is a dynamically provided computing platform where you pay based on actual usage without having to worry about the underlying technology capacity. CEO Rob Schilperoort explains how WEM - a serverless computing platform - meets all elements of the definition.

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