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"WEM is a leading no-code platform provider enabling application development and deployment"

Source: IDC Technology Spotlight, Sponsored by WEM, WEM: No-Code Development to Democratize CloudBased Application Functionality Creation

March 20TH Webinar Shadow IT

How to professionalize shadow IT in your business?

With your host:
Rob Schilperoort


Enables any subject matter expert to create web applications


Up to 10 times faster than traditional development


Easily integrated with existing systems and web services


Fully functional multi-platform web applications

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March 20th: Kick-off Webinar Shadow IT

“The only solution to this problem is to improve the ongoing collaboration and communication between IT and the business so that the possibility of a surprise is minimized”, Donna Fitzgerald, Research Vice President at Gartner argues. Register here for our first WEM Webinar: covering the pro's of enabling and guiding Shadow IT versus attempting to prohibit it.

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How to Digitally Transform your Workforce?

PwC conducted the Global Digital IQ Survey, polling 2216 business and IT leaders from 53 countries. What hinders businesses in their digital transformation? Turning this to a positive, what should the focus be to consistently unlock value from digital investments in a rapidly advancing world.

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WEM Webinars: Experts covering market developments

Internet of Things, Privacy, Shadow IT, Blockchain… Having a hard time wrapping your head around these interesting topics? We’ve got you sorted! Starting in March, the latest market developments will be covered by a subject-matter expert in a WEM Webinar. Stay tuned…

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