ZoomBIM and history of WEM Modeler

ZoomBIM Solutions is a web application developer. The company uses its in-house developed WEM product to create advanced web applications. ZoomBIM works independently and with partners, offering turnkey solutions, delivers custom-built applications and provides consulting services on web-applicationt.


WEM is the result of a tool development, meant for internal use by ZoomBIM solutions. With this tool, ZoomBIM was able to build feature rich web applications more efficiently and meet the identified customer needs, which were for their process owners to be able to modify and enhance the applications that were built for them. The development of the toolset that is now WEM started in 2009. In 2014, the team came to the conclusion that WEM had grown to be a fully featured application development and hosting platform. Therefore, the decision was made to go to market as a software company with a Model-Driven aPaaS product offering.


ZoomBIM and WEM are entirely self-funded through market launch and in conversation with potential investors, to help bring the product to the next level and speed up the investments required to launch into new markets and geographies.


You can choose to model your process in WEM yourself, or we model it for you:

Integrated process

Because WEM offers a high degree of flexibility, we find it important to work in an integrated process. This means the subject matter expert models the required knowledge her-/himself, or makes it explicit in the workteam. For this process, ZoomBIM has developed its own unique workmethod, which was optimized based on years of experience.

Turnkey deliverables

You may choose to let the experts of ZoomBIM develop your application for you. This means you don't have to create the modelling environment, including decision trees, yourself. You will still be able to make adjustments yourself, for example in the content. In close cooperation with you, we will compile the required knowledge and make it explicit.

In some cases, it might be interesting to make use of a "quick start". This means ZoomBIM creates the initial design and you do the modelling yourself. It is also possible to further seperate the tasks, for example if you want a thrid party to manage your content.

Solution Templates

Nobody wants to reinvent the wheel. Therefore, if desired, we consult on the do's and dont's of building dialougue processes, based on years of experience in various industries. We also offer Solution Templates, which provide a quick-start to your development process. For example for your CRM system, Knowledge Management System, a Survey Engine, and many more. Login and check the Solution Templates on my.wem.io.

Customer Portfolio

Klantcontactcenter Klantcontactcenter

  • Zorgverzekeraar VGZ
  • Vereniging Eigen Huis
  • Zorg & Welzijn Connect
  • Gemeente Reusel-De Mierden (WMO)

E-Health E-Health

  • Medicinfo (Virtuele Oogarts)
  • Antares foundation
  • ICF-Taksatieschaal

E-Learning E-Learning

  • Antares foundation
  • Inside-Up

Beslisondersteuning en virtuele advieshulpen Beslisondersteuning en virtuele advieshulpen

  • Vereniging Eigen Huis
  • EigenKrachtWijzer (gemeenten Almere, Schijndel, Maastricht, Bergen (NH), Wijchen en Leeuwarden)
  • Stichting ICF-Taksatieschaal
  • Zorg & Welzijn Connect
  • Metas - scan arbeidsmarkt zelfredzaamheid
  • Mesis - screening schulddienstverlening
  • Medicinfo - Virtuele huisarts
  • Divosa – Zelfscan vakmanschap

Socialekaart en Zorgatlas Socialekaart en Zorgatlas

  • Xtra Welzijn (Harry Helpt)
  • EigenKrachtWijzer (gemeenten Almere, Schijndel, Maastricht, Bergen (NH), Wijchen en Leeuwarden)
  • Zorgkantoren Menzis (Arnhem, Groningen en Twente)
  • Zorgkantoren VGZ (Nijmegen, Noord-Holland Noord, Noord-Oost Brabant, Waardenland, Noord- en Midden Limburg, Midden-Holland en Midden-Brabant)
  • Zorgkantoren CZ (Zeeland, Zuid-Hollandse Eilanden, Zuid-Oost Brabant, Zuid-Limburg, Haaglanden en West-Brabant )

Beslisondersteuning en virtuele advieshulpen Application Portfolio

  • Customer tracking system
  • Dialogue support systems for customer contact
  • E-Health modules
  • EigenKrachtWijzer
  • E-Learning modules
  • Integral WMO
  • Knowledge management databases (Socialekaart / Zorgatlas)
  • Virtual doctor and virtual eye doctor
  • Desicion support, triage and assessment
  • Digital Care Path
  • Digital Preoperative Screening

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