Hyperautomation naar nieuwe hoogtes


WEM is an easy-to-use platform to create your applications, with the WEM Modeler as its online building environment.


With our online resources like tutorials, documentation, forum and example projects in MyWEM, you should be able to come a long way to create your applications.

To help you unlock the full potential of WEM, we provide several training courses to get you started and to help you build complex applications. These training courses are available as (virtual) classroom training provided by WEM Training Partners.

And, anytime anyplace you can start our self-paced WEM Essentials Online Training:
just go to the Training Page on MyWEM and start!

Classroom Training (onsite/online)

Through our certified Training Partners, several classroom training courses are available. The good thing about classroom training is the interaction with the teacher and other students: ask questions, learn from other people’s experience, and have full focus on learning WEM.
The following training courses are available:

  • WEM Essentials
  • WEM Pro: Integration
  • WEM Pro: Widgets


To find out which training courses are scheduled, you can go to MyWEM to find the complete and current training schedule. Use your WEM account to log in to My WEM.

We hope you enjoy working with the WEM modeler!