WEM introduces built-in Generative AI

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From process automation, increasing efficiency, reducing total costs of ownership to driving business innovations. The WEM platform proves to be the perfect starting point for organizations all over the world to create and deliver robust and scalable business solutions at great speed.
Building management software

This online tool makes is easy to manage over 6.000 properties and a total of...

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The only limitation is your imagination

Tech Mahindra and i1too aim to lead the way in no-code app development for large...

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Custom software for world-wide food safety

A multilingual app, built with our no-code platform, helps with food safety certification processes in...

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Business process automation with no-code

The entire sales cycle – from tender to configuration management – in one application boosts...

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A fully integrated booking application

This fully integrated app, which runs behind the website, makes it easy to choose fast...

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Structure knowledge management system

Customer service reps can handle requests from 4 million customers accurate and fast due to...

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