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Elevate Efficiency Through Intelligent Retail Management

Embrace the future of Retail Management — efficient, effective, and expeditious. Go from concept ideation to live environment in remarkably short span.

Build Future-Proof Retail Technology and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Create exceptional customer experiences and enhance operational processes to maximize profitability. Discard inflexible, pre-packaged solutions and intricate implementation procedures.





Optimize customer retention with AI-Driven Churn Analysis

Understand customer behavior and automatically analyze churn patterns to retain valuable customers and drive loyalty.

Keep track of stock and budget with Inventory Management

Scale applications as needs change, enabling rapid response to market demand.

Enhance seamless proccesses with Supply Chain Optimization

Enhance visibility, optimize logistics, and ensure timely deliveries by automating processes and integrating disparate systems.

No-Code solutions for Retail

Intelligent Supply Chain Management System for Global Clothing Brand

Development was done using WEM’s user- friendly, drag-and-drop No-Code interface that enabled them to rapidly create a system tailored to their exact requirements.

The system was swiftly deployed and seamlessly integrated with their existing SAP system, providing the necessary tools to manage the entire supply chain process.


A multinational clothing retailer chose WEM No-Code to urgently modernize their legacy SAP order and supply chain system to streamline their operations, reduce overhead and save costs.

Keeping Track of Stock and Online Order Capabilities.

Customer research showed LTLs customers demanded stock insights and the possibility to order online. That’s why the organization decided to optimize its business processes by developing stock and order management software with no-code development platform WEM.


Time and Cost-Efficient No-Code Development

After testing the new software among a selected customer base and processing the adaption requirements, the application went live within 4 weeks on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

A Customer and Operator Portal: all-in-one.

The booking application provides customers with information about aircraft class and type availability and pricing. Flight charter operators are issued with and respond to tenders online for provision of the charter service like quote estimates. Automatically generated files at customers’ requests by the booking app. And to round up the circle realtime reparture instructions via automated alerts coordinate for customer and operator completion of the flight charter service.


Booking reliable and professional aircraft operators across Australia, with hundreds of options to choose from, has never been easier. With this fully integrated booking application, built with no-code platform WEM, running behind the website of FlightCharter.com.au. In short, its a customer and operator portal in one, which manages fleet movement in real-time.

A Platform that Facilitates Worldwide Knowledge Sharing

Because of a growing demand from participants and supervisors to communicate with each other, 7SENSES was looking for a platform to develop communication management software. With its document center, interactive world-map and forum, this platform makes supervision and engagement of international research projects easy.


An App with Countless Functionalities.

Empowering people to co-create and tackle complex issues together, on a global scale. Focused on facilitating local people and stakeholders in developing sustainable solutions that fit their context and needs.

John van der Draai

John van der Draai

CEO, PragmatiQ

“Software for realizing the digital roadmap of our customers, the WEM Nocode platform is flexible, scalable and therefore ideal for starting small and scale fast without a single line of code.”

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