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Intelligent Supply Chain Management System for Global Clothing Brand

2 months needed to realize ROI

4 weeks to first Minimum Viable Product

90% faster time to market

Manage supply chain operations efficiently and cost-effectively.

A multinational clothing retailer needed a way to manage their supply chain operations efficiently and cost-effectively. The existing legacy SAP system was unable to provide the necessary support for the complex processes involved in the various types of packaging, labelling and shipping goods from manufacturers to warehouses across different countries. Much of the work to determine the most efficient format for each order and shipment was done manually, consuming a great deal of time and resources.


No-Code, no bugs all in a user-friendly and swift development process.

The retailer partnered with WEM No-Code and Fizor, one of our delivery partners, to build an intelligent supply chain management system without any coding or bugs. Development was done using our user- friendly, drag-and-drop interface that enabled them to rapidly create a system tailored to their exact requirements. The system was swiftly deployed and seamlessly integrated with their existing SAP system, providing the necessary tools to manage the entire supply chain process.

Incredible result and added business value.

  • A custom tailored, highly secure, scalable platform in weeks and a significant TCO reduction
  • Streamlined operations, reduced overhead, improved efficiency and significant cost savings
  • Improved inventory management, resulting in improved customer experience
  • Allows suppliers, shippers and warehouses to log in and manage the orders from manufacturing to shipping
  • Extend and modernize the legacy SAP platform capabilities without any complex coding, bugs and without any downtime or disruption of operations.
  • Allows rollout of rapid changes according to business needs in a few hours using DTAP.

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