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Reimagine Healthcare and Transform the Patient Experience

Embrace the transformative power of technology in Healthcare. Enhance patient care and stay ahead of the evolving Health landscape.

Elevate Patient Centric Care to Entirely New Dimension

Harness the potential of software solutions to lift up patient experiences to new heights. Optimize management, improve security and compliancy to achieve exceptional care.




Elderly care

Design tailormade workflows with Seamless Patient Management

Streamline patient flows, improve coordination, and enhance connection. Empower professionals to deliver patient-centric care.

Safe sensitive patient data with Advanced Data Security

Implement robust access controls, encryption protocols, and audit trails to maintain the highest level of compliancy and integrity.

Drive unparalleled efficiency with Operational Patient Excellence

Automate processes and integrate with any system on the market, enabling seamless information exchange and improved efficiency.

No-Code solutions for Healthcare

An Endlessly Scalable Healthcare Platform Within Months

Various parties played a role in the Zorg Atlas: functional management of the care offices, care intermediaries and care purchasers of the care offices and care providers.

Depending on the user’s role, he has access to a certain set of data which made the project complex, a sophisticated and scalable solution was urgently needed.


Together with multiple Healthcare providers WEM No-Code developed an entirely new core system from scratch. Complex design flows, database integrations and different personae all come together in this highly user friendly platform.

Improving Patient Care Outcome and Drastically Reducing Cost

An American medical AI company which is changing how AI is used in the healthcare environment was looking for a software development platform which allows them to build highly secure and scalable systems.

Due to the very large numbers of integrations which could take years, the company needed a solution which will allow development and integration at very high speed with mission critical reliability and security.


An innovative medical AI imaging startup chose the WEM-Getronics NoCodeCloud to improve patient care outcome, improve physician productivity, reduce healthcare costs and lower malpractice risk.

Global Food Safety Simplified in 12 Weeks Instead of 18 Months

Automating manual processes, processing high volume requests instantaneously, improving agent efficiency, radically transforming the customer experience. “FSSC was looking for an all-in-one solution that could be integrated into or on top of the existing IT infrastructure”, Hent van Ooijen, Director Digital Services at FSSC indicates.


Fully integrated, multi-lingual cloud-based software that automates complex processes to assess food manufacturing organisations and issue certificates on a global scale. Designed and deployed in 12 weeks.

Streamlining Customer Service by Structuring Knowledge

To ensure top-notch customer service, VGZ developed its Dialogue Support app with no-code platform WEM. Customer service reps can say goodbye to inefficient stacks of paperwork. This software empowers them to digitally handle large number of incoming requests as accurate and fast as possible.


Imagine how labor-intensive and time-consuming it was to maintain all that content with traditional coding methods. In WEM, VGZ found a no-code platform to develop its Dialogue Support app in a well-organized and structured way.

Data Management Software Developed and Deployed in Weeks

Improving the quality of prenatal care in the Netherlands by sharing knowledge between stakeholders in the sector. That’s what Perined wants to achieve. Hence, data management plays a major role in the healthcare sector. For all the available knowledge to be efficiently managed, the organization developed user-friendly data management software with no-code development platform WEM. Read on to find out how this solution helps Perined achieve its admirable ambitions.


Multiple types of information streams, from seperate companies, have been combined and are now managed by this software. The basic architecture was ready in one month.

Lior Eshel

Lior Eshel

CEO, TestDynamics Medical AI

“One of the most important things for me was how secure and scalable our solution is. No-Code technology is a strong enabler for the medical AI field which is moving at very high speed.”

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