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Creating an Endlessly Scalable Healthcare Platform from Scratch Within Months

5 Care providers connected in one system

10 times faster overview of client portfolio

90% of time saved in development

Increasing time efficiency and help clients with an easy to use system.

With WEM No-Code the so called “Zorg Atlas” for the healthcare offices of CZ, Menzis and Zilveren Kruis was developed. Employees of these healthcare providers and their clients can look for care that falls under the Long-Term Care Act (WLZ). The data is maintained by healthcare providers in another part of the application. It contains various forms of validation to ensure that healthcare providers can only fill in whatever they have contracted with the healthcare administration office. To create this joint Zorg Atlas, we connected the Zorg Atlas of CZ and Menzis. They each had their own set of data they wanted to record about healthcare locations and their own way of validating the data.


Complex and detailed search features.

The application is complex because it must be possible to search in the care offer in a “Google-like” way. At the back end, this requires a complex search functionality to lead the user to the healthcare offer they are looking for. In addition, the part where care offices can keep track of their care offerings is also complex due to the different working methods of the different care offices. The environment is complex because several care offices are involved, each of which has its own wishes and sometimes conflicting interests.


Highly findable content and data through intuitive design flows.

Various parties play a role in the Zorg Atlas: functional management of the care offices, care intermediaries and care purchasers of the care offices and care providers. Depending on the user’s role, he has access to a certain set of data. A CZ care mediator may only see (and all) care providers that fall under CZ. The application contains Single Sign On capabilites so after login users can use the functionality specific to the profile. All in all bringing a more valuable experience and increased health capabilities.

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