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Automate lease management, maintenance requests, and tenant communication to realize maximum property performance.

No-Code solutions for Real Estate

A Business Management System with Deep Insights

Being the innovator in the field of education in the Real Estate sector it was about time Betonvereniging started digitalizing existing business processes in order to make an even greater impact.

A business management system was developed on which students and teachers can manage data and information about their education and courses.


Within 9 months a fully custom solution was designed and equipped, with room for further development where necessary. The portal had to be user-friendly for both students and teachers, and also had to map unknown data efficiently.

Going from Static and Error Sensitive to an Extended and Flexible System

De Heer Land en Water is a contracting company in ground, road and hydraulic engineering mainly serving government bodies like: provinces, municipalities, water boards and nature management and recreation boards.

They have a large number of employees who work for different customers and with different equipment. This not only requires secure planning, but also accurate time registration for proper remuneration and subsequent calculation.


The challenge was therefore to build a time registration module that took into account the many variables. The link with the existing system was difficult, so EsperantoXL used WEM No-Code to develop a tailor-made tool to synchronize data with the main KPI being: a simple to use system.

Revolutionizing Property Management: intuitively, fast and agile.

Managing properties from efficiently monitoring fire extinguishers, alarm systems and escalators to scheduling meetings related to certifications and insurances. Fortrus’ building management software, built with no-code platform WEM, gives property owners and managers full control over safety, maintenance and facility management. Always and everywhere.


Concise reports and automatic updates make it possible to monitor large amounts of data and ensure progress and quality of work. The era of confusing spreadsheets and paper work portfolios is in the past for good.

A Single Platform That Bundles Knowledge and Streamlines Information

One platform that bundles all knowledge – from books, research reports and online – about and from the social sector. In such a way that this content can be managed and expanded in co-creation with and by experts in the field. That’s how this continuously evolving Participation Campus supports specialists in the social sector during their daily activities.


An association of executives in the social domain, developed an information management tool. The outcome? Powerful software that covers the sector’s knowledge and experience.

Bram Berkelaar

Bram Berkelaar

Managing Director, EsperantoXL

“WEM provides us with a secure and reliable platform for rapid enterprise software development. WEM's visual interface enables quick decision making and supports agile processes to create new applications at the speed of light. WEM gets companies running.”

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