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WEM and Getronics Forge Partnership to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Explore the strategic partnership between WEM and Getronics, delivering a powerful no-code solution that accelerates digital transformation and enables businesses to excel in today's digital landscape.

No-code accelerates Digital Transformation​​

Introducing Getronics’ No Code Cloud: a groundbreaking platform designed to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey without writing a single line of code.

This groundbreaking solution stems from the strategic alliance between WEM and Getronics, fusing Getronics’ vast IT services experience with WEM No-Code’s state-of-the-art technology. Together, we provide a powerful, scalable, and secure platform that has garnered adoption from numerous enterprises and government organizations across the globe.

Getronics: Empowering Businesses Through Comprehensive IT Solutions

Getronics is a leading global ICT service provider, dedicated to empowering businesses through comprehensive IT solutions. Getronics offers a wide range of services, including workspace, cloud, and data centre management, as well as unified communications and IT consulting.

At the heart of Getronics’ purpose is the commitment to helping organizations achieve their digital transformation goals by leveraging innovative technologies and strategies. With over 100 years of experience, Getronics has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality and reliable IT services to clients across various industries.

The partnership with WEM No-Code aligns perfectly with Getronics’ vision of driving digital transformation and innovation. By offering Getronics’ No Code Cloud, we can together enable more organizations to rapidly create custom enterprise applications and automate processes, fostering growth, agility, and efficiency in today’s competitive business landscape.

Transform Your Business with the Getronics’ NCC

Getronics’ NCC empowers organizations to create workflow automations, build new applications, and enhance existing ones while easily integrating with legacy and third-party systems.

With this agile and cost-effective solution, organizations can achieve digital transformation up to 10 times faster and at a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional IT infrastructures.

Teaming up with Getronics on a global scale brings immense value and high ROI to our customers, and we are already witnessing the positive impact of our collaboration.

— Eyal Oster - CEO at WEM

Getronics’ NCC provides a range of advantages, including:

  • Experience limitless scalability with codeless software, empowering businesses to achieve any ambition.
  • Embrace rapid innovation with WEM’s speed-focused design, turning business and process designers into developers.
  • Overcome the developer shortage and eliminate bottlenecks, delivering cutting-edge software within weeks.

Revolutionizing Business Operations Through WEM and Getronics Partnership

Our strategic partnership with Getronics presents a unique opportunity to revolutionize businesses across diverse industries. By enabling employees at all levels—including business analysts, process owners, and operations managers—to become process automation experts and no-code developers, we’re fostering a corporate paradigm shift that transcends traditional tools and practices.

The WEM and Getronics’ combined solutions equip IT professionals with robust tools that accelerate development processes, reduce backlog, and allocate more time for complex tasks and innovation. With support for microservice architecture and flexible DevOps topologies, WEM empowers developers to boost their productivity and efficiently address challenging backlog stories. This collaboration leads to a significant increase in IT capacity, overcoming software challenges and bottlenecks.

Businesses nowadays need operational agility, TCO reduction, optimization of productivity, speed to market and efficiency.

— Philip Hoegee - Head of Cloud at Getronics

Furthermore, the alliance between WEM and Getronics allows executives and decision-makers to effectively drive digital transformation and achieve their strategic goals. No-code solutions provide businesses with enhanced agility, enabling them to quickly respond to market changes and maintain a competitive edge.

WEM and Getronics are committed to delivering powerful, scalable, and secure solutions that empower organizations to excel in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Together with Getronics at the latest Cloud Expo in The Netherlands.

Experience Unmatched Security, Reliability, and Scalability

Our partnership with Getronics delivers a highly secure, reliable, and scalable PaaS, ideal for mission-critical applications and core systems. By harnessing our combined expertise and powerful no-code solution, we’re revolutionizing the way organizations operate and compete in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your business—contact us today to learn more about how your organization can thrive through No-Code solutions.

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