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Maximize Processes in Financial Services

Drive efficiency, enhance security, and deliver exceptional customer experiences to stay ahead in the dynamic world of finance.

Transforming Financial Services with Innovative Solutions

Embrace the power of no-code development to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics, launch innovative products and services, and enhance customer engagement.





Establish Robust Security and Fraud Prevention with AI Security Capabilities

Safeguard sensitive financial data and protect against cybersecurity threats. Leverageing AI-powered algorithms to enhance risk assessment.

Create extraordinary effectiveness with Efficient Process Automation

Streamline complex financial processes, reduce manual tasks, and enhance operational efficiency. Enable your team's focus.

Integrate outstanding governance with Seamless Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant with evolving financial regulations by simplifying data management, audit trails and accurate reporting.

No-Code solutions for Financial Services

Rapid modernization of legacy car lease management software

A leading multinational financial car lease company needed a more efficient way to manage their car lease operations. The existing legacy lease software system was unable to provide the necessary flexibility and automation needed for the complex processes involved in handling of returned lease cars, including inspection, damage assessment, settlement and other processes finally leading towards placement of the leased assets on the various trading platform. Modifying the legacy platform and modernizing it to meet the demands of the business operations was deemed to be too costly, time-consuming and risky.


100% ROI in 3 months with Getronics-WEM NoCodeCloud

A multinational car lease company gained 100% ROI in 3 months with the Getronics-WEM NoCodeCloud by rapidly modernizing their legacy car lease management software platform which streamlined their operations, reduced overhead and increased profit margins.

René Posthuma

René Posthuma

Business Consultant, SOWEDO

"Together with WEM and our clients we co-create and Enable Magic. With continuous improvement and development in very short time we improve and extend the solutions, for that reason we say SOWEDO"

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