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A leading no-code application development platform

The business advantages of no-code application development? Time-efficiency, cost reduction, an all-in-one solution; a few examples how creating your business-critical software with no-code.

No-code accelerates Digital Transformation​​

Low-code/no-code software development platforms function as key contributors to software development initiatives according to leading analyst firm IDC. IDC’s Technology Spotlight on WEM outlines the significant impact our no-code development platform has on the market.

Democratizing Business Automation with No-Code

No-code provides a low entry barrier to business application functionality development and deployment. Or as IDC Analyst George Mironescu states: “No-code democratizes access to application development and eliminates the technical barriers that used to restrict business users from creating business automation in the way, and at the speed, that they have wanted”.

WEM's no-code application development platform includes capabilities to scale for the web and fit diverse mobile form factors. Governance around data separation, transport control, and process integrity comes by-design embedded within the platform’s data privacy and security capabilities.

— George Mironescu - IDC Analyst

No-code for both developers and business users

Along with low-code, no-code application development defines the model-driven application platform as a service domain. No-code development offers advantages for both business users and developers. Users build application functionality using point-and-click flowcharts and drag-and-drop items.

Furthermore, one defines workflow logic and conditional steps into process flows, and integrates with other application functionality or external sources based on open standard APIs.

Mironescu indicates. “Within the two to three weeks needed to become familiar with the features and functions of no-code environments, business users can start to build application functionality”. That’s maximizing business results at minimal effort.

[…] innovation capability, productivity and business operational improvements, and customer and employee experience.

Business efficiency and agility

“No-code enables the line of business to create digital value with its own resources, and at the speed of its own ambitions and planning”, Mironescu explains. Enabling businesses to significantly improve their efficiency and agility.

According to IDC situational application needs will drive growth in the number of low-code/no-code developers by triple digits through 2021, with these non-traditional developers building 20% of business applications and 30% of new application features in 2021.

Ready to give your business effectiveness and efficiency a boost with no-code application development? Get in touch with our partners for more information.


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