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Streamlining Customer Service with Structure knowledge management system

90% Paperwork Reduction

5x Faster Content Adjustments

An app to deliver the best customer service

With around 4 million customers, insurance company VGZ, has quite some questions to be answered on a daily basis. To ensure top-notch customer service, VGZ developed its Dialogue Support app with no-code platform WEM. Customer service reps can say goodbye to inefficient stacks of paperwork. This software empowers them to digitally handle large number of incoming requests as accurate and fast as possible.


HTLM versus no-code app development

The Dialogue Support app wasn’t initially built with no-code platform WEM, but by using HTML code. Imagine how labor-intensive and time-consuming it was to maintain all that content with traditional coding methods. In WEM, VGZ found a no-code platform to develop its Dialogue Support app in a well-organized and structured way. An application in which content could be easily adjusted, without writing a single line of code.

All information would be digitalized […] Finally, we cleaned up all paperwork from our desks.

Henk Jansen - Team Lead Knowledge Management, VGZ

A structured knowledge management system

“We went from complex and time-consuming coding to a clear and visually attractive application”, says Henk Jansen, Team Lead of Knowledge Management at VGZ. “The structure and stable basis offers many opportunities for the future. Currently, we only use the Dialogue Support app for our call service. Soon, we also want to build dialogue-supporting systems with no-code platform WEM for our chat and e-mail service, as well as using it for maintaining our website content and knowledge management”.

Intuitive, fast and agile

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