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Medical AI Imaging Platform Increasing Productivity for Improved Patient Care

10x more productive physicians

60% increased patient care experience

Large number of integrations and need for mission critical reliability.

An American medical AI company which is changing how AI is used in the healthcare environment was looking for a software development platform which allows them to build highly secure and scalable systems. They needed the ability to integrate with thousands of complex AI algorithms and bring them all under one platform which would allow creation of automated workflows, integrations with existing imaging and PACS systems. Due to the very large numbers of integrations which could take years, the company needed a solution which will allow development and integration at very high speed with mission critical reliability and security.


Unbiased automated workflow system with an incredible front-end.

Development was done using WEM’s No-Code platform which enabled them to rapidly create a system tailored to their exact requirements. The system was swiftly deployed and integrated into the PACS environment. The company was looking to develop and launch a solution which was highly secure, conforming to the most strictest of standards. Simultaneously the platform was mission-critical, scalable and had to be deployed using Kubernetes. Development had to be done quickly and tailored to their specific platform needs. Interfaces with thousands of complex AI algorithms each one having different API’s. An unbiased automated workflow system that is user-friendly with an incredible front end for ultimate UX was the result.

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