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Software for world-wide communication management

100% Global Reach

4 Major functionalities

90% Faster Roll-out

A platform that facilitates knowledge sharing world-wide

Empowering people to co-create and tackle complex issues together. On a global scale. That’s what 7Senses wants to stimulate. 7Senses’ work – conducting Participatory Action Research world-wide – is focused on facilitating local people and stakeholders in developing sustainable solutions that fit their context and needs. Because of a growing demand from participants and supervisors to communicate with each other, 7Senses was looking for a platform to develop communication management software. With its document center, interactive world-map and forum, this platform makes supervision and engagement of international research projects easy.


An app with countless functionalities

In addition to its document center, interactive world-map and forum, 7Senses’ communication management software includes multiple functionalities to support participatory action researchers and supervisors:

  • Closed online environments that are only accessible for participants or supervisors;
  • An open environment in which people from all over the world can share experiences about Participatory Action Research;
  • An administration application;
  • A news-portal.


No-code versus traditional development

The new application is not only loved by customers, but also positively affects internal activities of the organization. Following the Netherlands, this system will be launched in the UK and other countries within Europe.

A fully functional app in 6 months or just 6 weeks? You do the math.

Ready to give your business effectiveness and efficiency a boost like 7Senses? Get in touch with our partners for more information.

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