Hyperautomation naar nieuwe hoogtes

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Connectis and WEM Join Forces to Accelerate Digital Transformation with No-Code Cloud

In a groundbreaking move poised to reshape the landscape of digital transformation and workflow automation, Connectis and WEM have announced a strategic partnership to launch the No-Code Cloud (NCC) platform.

NCC: A Game Changer for Businesses

NCC serves as a vital business enabler, transforming any employee into a developer, and empowering business process automation. It promises a more streamlined innovation process, allowing organizations to maintain basic systems and infrastructure while simultaneously pursuing innovations. Furthermore, NCC addresses financial pain points, enhancing ROI by enabling faster external integrations, automating processes, and accelerating the development process.

The Power of the Cloud in the No-Code Approach

The resilience and scalability of the cloud combined with the no-code approach make the NCC platform a powerful tool for business. It brings the development process closer to the core of the business, aligning technology and business goals. It allows businesses to design cloud-native apps without relying on intense coding skills, thus making the whole process more efficient and accessible.

The Connectis-WEM Strategic Alliance

In a move poised to reshape the landscape of digital transformation and workflow automation, Connectis and WEM have announced a groundbreaking partnership to launch the No-Code Cloud (NCC) platform. This strategic alliance combines the strengths of both organizations, leveraging Connectis’ secure-by-design cloud approach and WEM’s intuitive no-code development platform, to offer an innovative platform as a service (PaaS).

As stated by Philip Hoegee, VP cloud at Getronics and Global Head of Cloud Services at Connectis, during a recent interview about NoCodeCloud:

We have combined the intuitive WEM Enterprise No-Code development platform with the guarantee and expertise of Connectis’ secure-by-design cloud approach and principles to create a powerful and scalable platform as a service (PaaS) to accelerate companies’ digital transformation without writing a single line of code.

— Philip Hoegee - Global Head of Cloud Services at Connectis

NCC Debut at Web Summit Rio

Web Summit Rio, a significant technology event making its debut in Latin America, served as the launchpad for the new NCC offering. The booming tech sector in Latin America presented a golden opportunity for the introduction of the No-Code Cloud platform.

The NCC Revolution: Bridging Cloud and No-Code

NCC is a revolutionary integration of two vital technological developments: the cloud and no-code solutions. Intended for organizations needing to build new applications, enhance existing ones, and integrate with legacy and third-party systems, NCC promises to disrupt traditional approaches to digital transformation.

Breaking Barriers with NCC

Getronics NoCodeCloud (NCC) breaks the barriers of traditional transformation projects by combining cloud computing and no-code solutions in a single platform. This enables businesses to adopt next-generation technologies quickly, not as a one-time project, but as part of a broader cultural change.

No-code cloud is about transforming and automating business processes, enabling faster migration to the cloud through legacy integration or app modernization. NCC empowers organizations to circumnavigate major challenges that inhibit digital transformation, such as skills shortages, resource constraints, and the rapid evolution of programming languages, frameworks, and infrastructures.

With NCC, businesses can choose from a variety of ready-made options using a drag-and-drop interface. This visually driven approach to development enables organizations to create bespoke applications faster, more easily, and with fewer resources.

We are excited to embark on this global strategic partnership with Getronics. The Partnership is already bearing fruit with many satisfied customers, reporting incredible value and high ROI.

— Eyal Oster, CEO of WEM No-Code


The innovative collaboration between Connectis and WEM represents a fundamental shift in the business approach to digital transformation. The No-Code Cloud platform accelerates the process by enabling non-technical staff to participate in digital solution development. This groundbreaking partnership has the potential to enhance business agility and resilience, promising a future where businesses can escape the constraints of traditional app development, paving the way for a more nimble, secure, and seamless digital journey.

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