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ZoomBIM WEM Modeler, WEM for short, is an all-round powerful rapid application creation platform that can be used by any subject matter expert without needing programming knowledge. A no-coding development environment, which enables you to build enterprise grade applications, for your desktop or your mobile devices.

WEM has been designed to hide the complexity of software development and enabling subject matter experts to visually create applications. We call this rapid application modeling.

Before we dive into the WEM usage, let’s look at what an application exactly is. According to Wikipedia:
An application program (application or app for short) is a computer program designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities for the benefit of the user.

To build and use an application, there are several components that make up an application:

  • All the user interface components, like buttons, forms, pictures, tables, etc. These components exist in various application screens, or application pages and are the main interface for the user to work with.
    Within WEM we call these pages User Interactions.
  • All applications work with information, or data. Your application may need to store customer information, or enable users to buy a new pair of sneakers. All this information needs to be stored.
    In WEM data is stored in Lists.
  • Application logic. Every application performs certain tasks and these tasks follow a certain application logic, or workflow. This is everything that happens ‘under the hood’.
    To define how your application works, WEM uses flowcharts.
  • Integration with external systems and applications is something that is key in modern applications. That can range from using Facebook to logo into your application, to using complex data from ERP systems. Or even using public services to get information like ‘where is the nearest public restroom in Amsterdam’.
    WEM has been built with integration in mind, so there are various ways to easily and visually integrate your application with other systems.

So, we have everything in place to help you build your own application, whether this is a desktop application or a mobile app. The next chapters describe in detail how the WEM modeler works, and how you can build your own application.

To get started, learn how to create an account, etc.: please read the ‘Getting Started’ documentation.

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