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Build applications incredibly fast

Modernize, innovate and automate your business with no-low code application development

“No-code enables the line of business to create digital value with its own resources, and at the speed of its own ambitions and planning”

A leading no-code platform provider that enables visual application development and one-click-of-a-button deployment

Design powerful applications fast, deliver business impact even faster

Our platform’s innovative architecture empowers both business and professional developers to create scalable cloud-based apps with an unbeatable time-to-market

No-code development

From business process designers to experienced technical developers; now everyone can build, integrate, test and deploy applications

Boost time-to-value

Apps go live 10x faster than traditional development, improving your business value quickly

Open and Extensible

Built-in open standards and open-source technologies, like SOAP, REST and OData services, enable next level interoperability with software

Mobile apps

Create engaging applications that run on any device and outperform user experiences


Build data-intensive applications that include extensive security and infrastructure requirements

Visual development

Visually design full-stack applications and verify each step in real-time during the app development process

Drive innovation with no-code

WEM helps enterprises world-wide to spark their digital transformation. By allowing you to create innovative apps that are delivered with unparalleled speed, reliability and scalability.

Knowledge Sharing

Customer Service Reps handle requests from 4 million customers accurate and fast due to this digital knowledge application

World-wide Auditing

A multilingual dashboard to certify organizations for food safety in 140 countries world-wide

Building Management

This online app makes it easy to manage over 6.000 properties and a total of 4 million square meters with a small team of 40

WEM is a leading no-code application development platform

WEM recognized by Leading Anyalist IDC: No-Code Development to Democratize CloudBased Application Functionality Creation

No-code development to democratize
cloud-based application functionality creation

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