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Business Critical Application from scratch in less than 7 months for WIJEindhoven

7 months from start to finish

150+ notifications handled every day

18.000 files actively managed

"With the old system we were not flexible enough to be able to move along with it. We couldn't adapt quickly enough and the system was also very expensive''.

— Rene Frederik

Governmental organization subject to continuous change of law and regulation.

Stichting WIJeindhoven is a Governmental organization that is subject to continuously changing laws and regulations. The WIJeindhoven Foundation is an organization with 450 employees and provides support for the four laws for which the municipality of Eindhoven is responsible: the WMO, the Participation Act, the Debt Services Act and youth assistance. WIJeindhoven helps Eindhoven residents who need (temporary) support to get and keep a grip on their lives.


New control system for flexibility to the changing legislation.

In 2019, the WIJeindhoven Foundation started looking for a new control system, because the old system could not meet the need for flexibility to keep up with the continuously changing rules and legislation. To support the residents of Eindhoven, the WIJeindhoven Foundation uses a control system. The system contains 18,000 active support plans and is used, among other things, to process 100 to 150 calls per day. The system is seen by the WIJeindhoven Foundation and the municipality of Eindhoven as ‘business-critical’.

Ongoing support of business processes in the entire life cycle.

The WIJeindhoven Foundation noted that there was a need for customization. Custom building in the traditional way wasn’t an option. Simply put, there was no budget for that. The DOC has shown that with WEM No-Code application development it was possible to develop a custom control system that would remain within the budget without compromising on quality. In addition, the flat learning curve of No-Code has made the WIJeindhoven Foundation more flexible to make independent adjustments to the technology of the system, so that new concepts can be realized quickly.

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